Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stress Relief and Relaxation Techniques

Hello and welcome to the Serenity Moments® Blog which has been created to provide useful information on the benefits of relaxation techniques for stress management and share product updates on our relaxation DVDs to help you achieve a healthier and happier quality of life.
Meditating upon nature is one of the most enjoyable methods of reducing stress and the symptoms of anxiety so we have created a series of beautiful relaxation dvds filmed in HD so you may experience the many benefits of relaxation from the comfort of your home any time you wish. They are a perfect stress technique for coping with stress in the workplace and relieving stress or depression. They are also great for those who practice yoga or meditation to deal with stress. Our videos are so relaxing they are effective for insomnia relief, as while meditating you may gently drift off to sleep as the meditation music, relaxing ocean sound and delightful nature sounds encourage sleep.

Our relaxation dvds are very unique because they not only are extremely beautiful and have been filmed in HD, but they also were developed based upon brain research and designed specifically to provide immediate relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia. They include beautiful, soothing music and nature sounds as well as Alpha, Theta and Delta waves to relax the brain. As a special bonus feature they also include an optional guided meditation soundtrack which incorporates progressive muscle relaxation, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral suggestions to induce deep relaxation and encourage healing of the mind, body and spirit. Our doctor recommended relaxation dvds are used by hospitals, cancer treatment clinics, dental offices and psychiatrists to help patients relax during treatment and recover after surgery. They are also used by individuals to help them relax after a long day at work or as ambient video to enjoy while entertainment guests.

To see a short video preview of or beautiful relaxation DVDs of Hawaii, Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rocky Mountains, please visit the Serenity Moments Web site at and experience immediate stress relief. Below are a few images of some of the beautiful scenery in our Hawaiian Islands relaxation dvd. If you'd like to purchase this DVD visit the Serenity Moments Web site at